T1500 Aero Carbon Frameset

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The T1500 is for the professional racer or the cycling enthusiast who wants to get where they're going...fast. Designed from the ground up with speed in mind and brought to fruition the perfect blend of aerodynamics, stiffness, lightweight, and comfort.  

They are designed and engineered with our development team's experience in multiple fields, including Formula One, the T1500 cuts through the air as efficiently as possible, resulting in higher speeds for the same effort. With the option of disc brakes and entirely internal cables, the result is not only a bike that looks fast but is fast.


  • Model name: T1500
  • Size: Seat tube 410/440/470/510/550mm
  • Headtube:1 1/8”-1 1/2”;
  • BB: BB86
  • Seat post: original seat post
  • Brake: direct mount/flat-mount disc brake;
  • Front derailleur: brazed-on
  • Derailleur Routing: mechanical/Di2/Campy EPS
  • Tire clearance: Max. 700x32C
  • Wheel Axle: 9mm QR F100mm R130mm (Rim brake) or 12mm through axle F100mm R142mm (Disc brake)
  • Carbon fiber: Toray T800 and T700, UDM
  • Weight: 1050+/-30g for M size
  • UCI approved
  • Components: Frame, fork, seat post, headset, spacers, Di2 cable stopper
  • Warranty: Limited 3 year warranty on frameset.


Rim brake framesets require aero underbody rear calipers.

NOTE: Fully-internal only for a disc brake with electronic groupsets
We believe buying a frame is a service as much as a product. To ensure you receive the best service, please send us a message before ordering to discuss size, fit, compatibility, color options, etc.




  • 38mm , 50mm or 65mm tall filament-wound rim with 26mm external and 19mm internal rim width. Filament winding puts the carbon's strength where it's needed allowing crucial weight savings in non-essential areas.
  • Tubeless-ready hooked rim bead-seat supports tubeless tires from 23-45mm. Tested with Schwalbe Pro One, Continental GP5000 TL.
  • High-temperature resistant, high-friction braking surface on rim brake versions.


  • Carbon fibre spokes with excellent strength to weight ratio weighing 2.6g per spoke.
  • Aerodynamic profile for decreased air resistance.
  • Rear wheel : 2:1 spoke lacing on rear wheels. 21 spokes.
  • Front wheel : 2:1 spoke lacing on disc brake wheels, 21 spokes. Radial lacing on rim brake wheels, 16 spokes.


  • Bespoke engineered Winspace hubs.
  • Over-sized 17mm central axles.
  • Supplied with standard Shimano compatible 11s freewheel body.
  • SRAM XDR Driver also availible upon request.
  • Bicycle specific Ceramic bearings for decreased rolling resistance.
  • Compatibility: Disc brake versions compatible with F:12x100 R:12x142 thru-axles.



Actual listed weights as follows:

  • 38mm rim brake: 1267g.
  • 50mm rim brake: 1349g.
  • 65mm rim brake: 1498g.
  • 38mm disc brake: 1343g.
  • 50mm disc brake: 1425g.
  • 65mm rim brake: 1608g.
  • All weights are supplied for fully built wheelsets consisting of rims, spokes, nipples, hubs, bearings and freehub assembly and are accurate to +/-3% .


Tire Compatibility

  • Compatible with regular clincher tires with innertubes.
  • Compatible with tubeless-ready tires from leading manufacturers.
  • When using tubeless tires do not exceed 100psi for riding. (Upto 120psi may be required to initially seat the tire) 100psi is plenty for road tubeless.
  • Tire pressures should decrease as sizes increase. EG: 30mm tire no more than 85psi, 35mm tire no more than 60psi, 40-45mm tire no more than 40psi.



Weight Limits

The system limit (Rider + bike + luggage, etc.) is 135kg. However, riders above 95kgs should regularly inspect their wheels or get a qualified bike mechanic to do so.


What's included?

  • rim brake versions: Wheels, QR Skewers, Tubeless Rim Tape, Tubeless Valves, Valve Extenders, Brake Pads.
  • disc brake versions: Wheels, Tubeless Rim Tape, Tubeless Valves, Valve Extenders.

Disc Brake Fork Compatibility

In order to extract maximum performance out of our wheelset and get the most of the mechanical advantage that carbon spokes bring our HYPER wheels are designed with a rather large hub flange for the spokes. This is a common practice amongst many high performance wheelsets. However, it is recommended to check your front forks before ordering. Please make sure the inner face of your fork is flat and does not feature 'recessed dropouts' as in the left-most example below. Most forks on the market feature standard 'in-line' drop outs and we have tested our wheels with many forks, but it is impossible for us to test with every fork out there, so if you're unsure about this, please contact us for help.

T1500 Aero Carbon Frameset
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  • XS / Disc / Pearlescent Blue - Special Order
  • XS / Disc / Gunmetal Grey - NZD$2,299.00
  • XS / Disc / Turbulent Blue - Special Order
  • S / Disc / Glacier White - Special Order
  • S / Disc / Gunmetal Grey - Special Order
  • S / Disc / Turbulent Blue - Special Order
  • M / Disc / Glacier White - Special Order
  • M / Disc / Pearlescent Blue - Special Order
  • M / Disc / Gunmetal Grey - NZD$2,299.00
  • M / Disc / Turbulent Blue - Special Order
  • M / Rim / Gunmetal Grey - Special Order
  • L / Disc / Glacier White - Special Order
  • L / Disc / Pearlescent Blue - Special Order
  • L / Disc / Gunmetal Grey - NZD$2,299.00
  • L / Disc / Turbulent Blue - Special Order
  • XL / Disc / Glacier White - Special Order
  • XL / Disc / Gunmetal Grey - Special Order
  • XL / Disc / Turbulent Blue - Special Order

T1500 Aero Carbon Frameset

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