Disc brake mandate or save the rim?

Disc brake mandate or save the rim?

There's no better or worse - it's all about choice!

Whether you're a consumer, retailer or influencer - you've no doubt been caught up in some form of debate or discussion for Rim vs Disc in the context of road cycling. 

Since there's a plethora of well documented pros vs cons of disc/rim - we won't dive into this heavy topic with its comprehensive list of reasons for or against each camp. Instead, we'll offer our unique perspective.

At Winspace and Lún Performance Wheels, we're not interested in following the agenda of pushing a migration to disc brakes for our consumers. The truth is, we love both and can see the benefit in both applications where we build and ride a range of disc and rim brake road bikes. 

Our product range speaks volume to this view as we continue to offer both rim and disc brake wheel and frameset options across our entire range with the exception of Gravel.

Our sales data and consumer interaction indicates a very balanced preference between both rim and disc and there is certainly no shortage of demand for both options!

Being a customer-oriented brand, we believe in empowering customers to build and upgrade their dream bikes without the limitation of choice. Having freedom of choice and not being subject to mandates (we get enough of those already) is what sets our brand apart!



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