Freehub Body for Lún /Hyper Wheels

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Spare or Replacement freehub bodies for the NZ market are only available in the higher-spec ceramic bearing version.

Note: 11 Speed Shimano Freehub Body that comes standard on all Lún wheelsets 6 paw engagement system and is cross-compatible with SRAM 11 Speed and the new Shimano 12 speed cassettes. This is NOT compatible with the ratchet style hub in the Lún MEGA

Product image for general illustration only.  Please note that the endcaps are not included as you will reuse the endcap from your existing hub body.

When installing a replacement freehub body, you should take care to gently and slowly remove the freehub body to ensure the 6 paws from the freehub body do not fall out when pulling it out from the hub. You should also ensure that the small washer between the hub bearings and freehub body bearings is present and not removed in the process. Extra care should be taken to ensure that the weatherproof dust cap included with the wheelset surrounding the freehub body is not removed during this changeover procedure. If you are unsure how to complete this, please enlist the help of a qualified bike mechanic to read this and carry it out for you. 

Freehub Body for Lún /Hyper Wheels
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  • SRAM XDR / RIM - NZD$169.00
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Freehub Body for Lún /Hyper Wheels

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